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6 June 2020

There is Hope in Jesus

As we start a new teaching series on 7 June, Pastor Clive Parnell shares some thoughts on why we’re looking at this subject.

There are all kinds of things we might hope for.

New house?
New Car?
Better health?
New Job?

We may get some of these things we hope for but there all too often temporary

We have all been aware of how hopes may not be fulfilled during the COVID-19 crisis.

Plans have changed and there has been a huge rhythm change.

How can we find real?

How do we find a hope that lasts?

You may be sceptic, agnostic, seeker or call your self a follower of Jesus,

We believe that we can discover hope despite disappointments and even despair.

We believe “There Is Hope In Jesus.”

Come and explore more in our new teaching series and discover a hope that lasts for ever.

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