28 June 2024

Postcards from the Mission Field

This July we are going to be looking at some postcard pictures of mission from the book of Acts.

We will see that Paul and those early Christians had to exercise faith & courage. The challenge of following God on mission involved truth, deliverance, hope, and healing. How could Paul keep going when it seemed like His personal freedom was challenged? How did he stay on track with the mission and find ultimate freedom ?

Come and explore more as we hear about local and global mission and get a picture postcard view from Global Recordings Network (GRN), International Justice Mission (IJM) and Scripture Union (SU). We will hear real applications of the gospel being shared all over the world. We will hear stories of how people are being set free from slavery and how young people in Scotland are being reached for Jesus.

Join us in person, or online, at 10:30 each Sunday over the summer and see what you can learn about following Jesus into all the world.

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