Image of church cafe in Douai under construction
18 May 2019

Serving in Douai

Two of our younger members are heading off to France on 20 May to support the work of our mission partners, Sam and Mary Bouix.

James and Tom are heading back to Douai after being part of the team who built a new patio and helped with interior renovations in 2018.

Tom said:

The idea for the trip came from when Sam and Mary visited Scotland in April. We were speaking to Sam and he said it would be great to have us over again to do some more work.

We really enjoyed our last trip there and were pretty eager to go again.

There will be plenty of practical work for the guys to do for the nine days they are in Douai. Before they spend a couple of days in Paris before returning home.

When asked what they were looking forward to, Tom said:

I guess just helping out and spending time with everyone there. Also the warm weather is never a bad thing!

I would just ask for prayer for safety in travel and work, and that everything goes well and we have a good time.”

James added:

“I’m looking forward to gaining some more experience in mission work which could really help both of us progress in our faith.”

Please remember James and Tom – and the whole team in Douai – in your prayers.

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