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26 February 2020

Seeing and hearing God through His word

We’re half way through the series on God’s Word – one of our core values at KCC. We asked Teaching and Development Pastor Clive Parnell to remind us about why we’re in this series.

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Do we pick-read the Bible? Whether that is an actual Bible or on a Bible App.

If we see the Bible as a book of rules we are unlikely to want to read it. And let’s be honest we will have a low expectation.

If we see God’s word as inspired by the Holy Spirit and realise God can speak to us the same Spirit in the word then we can be expectant.

His word is about His story. God is on a mission to redeem the world – and we are part of that story – but the story is essentially about Jesus.

Let’s pray for those speaking and those listening that we will truly see and hear God in His word as the Holy Spirt is at work.

Let’s also pray that we will want to engage with His word on our own and mediate on it through the day.


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