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17 September 2019


Most churches looking at the topic of prayer will understandably turn to the Lord’s Prayer. I’ve heard a few talks on this over the years and that has been great. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard a series on prayer.

We will be exploring prayer in our Sunday teaching over the next three months.

Being still is not always easy, rejoicing can be a challenge and waiting on God is a challenge in more of an instantaneous age.

Praying is not as simple as putting in your PIN number at a cash machine and seeing the £40 you have asked for come out of the dispenser.

We have the challenge of waiting for an answer. Of not getting an answer. Or sometimes getting a very clear “yes”.

We will explore various aspects of prayer as seen in the Bible and look to unpack these on a Sunday as well as in youth groups and home groups.

Please pray for Colin MacPhie and I as we prepare these talks and may we pray for each other as we explore what is means to become prayerful and grow in our relationship with God.

God bless you,

Clive Parnell

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Prayer Series
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