15 September 2021

Looking for space to worship?

If I said to you three years ago many office workers will be working from home instead of making a daily commute you probably would not have believed me. Who would have guessed we would see so much change and at such a fast pace?
In a changing world, it is important to have some space – to pause, reflect and worship.

On Wednesday 22 September we are gathering for our first midweek service at 12 noon.  This is a short service where we will spend thirty-minute together to sing some worship songs, pray and hear a short talk.

Over the We will be exploring the “I am” sayings of Jesus and will begin with “I am the bread of life.”

Whether you are working from home, retired, working a different shift pattern – or simply able to make space to be there – you are all welcome.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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Categories: News, Thought from Clive