3 November 2020

Community Light Trail

Thanks to everyone who took part in the first ever community Light Trail.

From 25-31 October, members of KCC turned their houses, gardens and other buildings into beacons of light. We did this as we were unable to host our Light Party due to Government restrictions.

This 20-stop trail around Kirkliston was all about bringing the hope of Jesus – the light of world – into the community.  Each location had a different theme, as well as clues to be found as people went round the trail.

Update 15 November

Each Light Party, there are prizes for the best dressing-up costume across a range of ages – all based on the letter theme for that year.

The votes have now been cast and the winners are below!

The letter this year was ‘D’ can you work out what everyone was? Some very creative ideas. Thank you for all the entries.

What did the light trail look like?

You can see a flavour of the light trail on the images below.

Over 200 children took part – along with their families. It was a real privilege to serve the community in this way.

Look out for our Nativity Trail happening in December!

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