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Episode 15 | What on earth is heaven? part one

31 Mar 2021

Episode 15 | What on earth is heaven? part one

What is heaven like?

Have you thought about this much?

Is Heaven a place we go up to? A place of fluffy clouds and harps?

Is Heaven a place on earth?

What will we be doing in heaven? How do answers to these questions affect how we live now? 

Will there be breakfast in heaven?

For such a big subject, Clive has a meaty conversation with James Paul, the director of the English L’abri. So meaty, in fact, that we’ve split it in to two episodes.

Jim has a background as a doctor in palliative medicine and lectures at L’abri. He is the author of the newly released book, “What On Earth Is Heaven?”.

You can also watch this episode on the Kirkliston Community Church YouTube channel.

— The second part of the conversation will be released in two weeks time. —

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