Sun's rays

What an incredible, sunny week this has been. I hope you were able to get the benefit of it. Everyone feels brighter and even in Scotmid the customers were not moaning about the long queues!

I went for a walk to the front at Queensferry on Monday not realising a) how far it was and b) just how hot it was. Despite my personal obliviousness it was kind of obvious later on in the day to those around me that I had been over-exposed to the sun’s rays. I was reminded of the story of Moses who came down from the mountain top and his face (and if uncovered like me, the top of his head too!) was shining. He was unaware of it but it was clear to any onlooker.

As you go out from our time of worship today may you cause a watching world to see that you have been in God’s glorious presence.

Colin MacPhie.