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Big Breakfast Seminar

Saturday 18 March, 9.00am

Join us to hear Angus Moyes talk about 'Make-believe Or Reality? Does Christianity Make Any Sense In The Modern World?' No. Or at least that’s the answer that seems obvious to many in our culture; Christian faith is seen as outdated and weird. But the truth is there are massive contradictions in what popular culture accepts as ‘common sense’. In reality, it is Christianity that makes most sense of life and love, of morality and of the search for truth.

Angus is SU Scotland’s East Team Leader, leading SU Scotland’s work in schools and residentials in the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders areas. Previously, he led UCCF’s ministry to theology students in the UK, helping them develop deep Biblical convictions and speak persuasively about their faith.

Don't forget a delicious breakfast is included too.

Tickets are free and are available through Eventbrite